Electronic System to Travel Authorization (eVisast) Description

  • The Electronic System to Travel Authorization is an electronically authority by Serviço de Migração e Fronteiras for travel to São Tomé e Príncipe.
  • The Electronic System to Travel Authorization is designed for people who are outside São Tomé e Príncipe and want to visit São Tomé e Príncipe for tourism or business purposes.
  • Tourism includes holidays, recreation and seeing family and/or friends. Business purposes may include attending a conference, negotiation or exploratory business visit.
  • You can apply for an Electronic System to Travel Authorization and do not need to visit a departmental office of Serviço de Migração e Fronteiras de São Tomé e Príncipe.
  • You will not receive a stamp or label in your passport, however you will be provided with a confirmation email for your Electronic Travel Authorization.
  • Your Electronic System to Travel Authorization is linked to the passport number you use in your application and you must use the same passport to travel to São Tomé e Príncipe.
  • (Your request will be validated only after completion of step 3. You will receive an automatic confirmation email by SMF, indicating the processing of your request.)

    Before you begin, please have the following ready:

  • Applicant's Passport in file pdf
  • Travel Information (Itinerary, Addresses, etc)
  • You must have some idea of where you will stay (at least an approximation is required).
  • If you do not have a person in São Tomé e Príncipe Contact, your accomodations (ex. Hotel) will be your São Tomé e Príncipe in Contact.
  • * Make sure all the information provided is as accurate and complete as possible*
  • * None of the information can be changed once submitted*
  • NOTE: Data on this application must match the information as it is written in the applicant's passport. Please make sure you have around 2 minutes to complete this application.

    1º Attach the pdf file less than 1MB of your passport


    2º FORM




    (Necessary Requirements)

    (Passport Scanned Decree Law Al.c point 1 n.11/2009)
    Reservation information (reservation number, who is requesting and the recipient of the reservation)
    (If Transit):
    • (Proof that allows entry into the country of destination (point number one of Article 30 of Law n.5/2008) Scanned)

    (If minor/Child):
    • (Birth Certificate Scanned)
    • (Parents’ Affidavit Scanned)

    (Additional Information at Port of Entry)

    (Round Trip Ticket)
    (Per diem of 100€/day)
    • (Legislation: Law n.5/2008)
    • (I authorize the analysis of data collected for the request of my visa. The collected data and the decision of approval or disapproval of my request, to revoke or extend a visa or authorization of entrance issued will be filed within the Immigration Service Information System for up to 20 years (Decree Law n.37/2008, Articles nº 10,11, and point 2 of article 12).
    • (I solemnly declare to have provided all information above in good faith and they are all accurate and complete. I also declare that I know that any false information would result in refusal of my visa request or revocation of a given visa and subject to judicial prosecution).
    • (It is up to me to leave STP territory before the expiration date of my visa or authorization of entrance if it was given or approved. I also know that Authorization of Entrance is only one of several ways of allowing entrance into STP according to the point number two of Article 20 of Decree Law n.11/ 2009).
    • (I also declare to know all the terms and conditions of entrance in São Tomé e Príncipe according to Decree Law n.11/2009 and Law n.5/2008. (http://www.smf.st/legislacao.html) (Legislation))
    I accept the terms and conditions of entry in Sao Tome and Principe according to Law 5/2008
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